Punk Rock

Punk Rock started off in American garages during the 60's when garage bands tried to emulate their favorite English bands like The Yardbirds and The Who (check out the first song in the playlist - The Count Five's 'Psychotic Reaction'  basically a re-write of The Yardbirds version of the Bo Diddley classic 'I'm a Man'). It then crossed back over to England by the early 1970's where some of the best bands of the genre come from. We decided to keep this playlist focused on the hard rock end of the punk spectrum as we feel the more melodic and Reggae influenced end of punk fit's better under New Wave. We are also not including any 80's hardcore as we'll dedicate a playlist to Hardcore soon.

NSFW or young children. You've been warned!

Published on by Chuck O'Rourke.